PHILABROOK LIVE – The newest, most innovative Music Experience creating a platform for the most talented unsigned artist across the country. Since Artist Development has become a lost art form in the Record Industry and much attention has been placed on Product Development. Philabrook Live will be applying old school methods along with today’s technology.

Seven artists from different genres of music will be given the opportunity to tell their story, rock the Crowd with no regrets.

Philabrook Live will provide a full night of Networking, Socializing and Entertainment. Not only will you be Entertained by up & coming acts, we’ve been given the Green Light with Major Record Labels to feature new acts signed to the label. This is a great way to pay it forward by helping the emerging artist create the most serious buzz in their region.While many set aside their budgets for internet marketing aiming to reach today’s consumer with one click. We have found that the consumer no longer values the current product in place.

STYLZS –  I believe that in order for the Music Industry and the connecting Industries to regain the consumer trust we must go back to the basic principles of hand to hand combat. Building fans not groupies with classic grass roots efforts that work. That’s why I’ve finally decided to step forward , follow my passion and bring light to this project.