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Dogmatic is a Detroit native that came up with the likes of Eminem, D12 Obie Trice,Royce59 and a host of others. Dogmatic had the honor of being a part of a Group called Promatic featuring the late Great Proof of D12. Dogmatic decided a long time ago that it’s always best to create your own lane and with that he stays true to his sound, style, loyalty to his fans, friends and family. Dogmatic has been on the underground for a while and he’s more than a Mc. Dogmatic is Co-founder and one of the CEO of Sicknotes Ent a company that produced the hit single (How Come) on Shady Records D12 world Lp an Bizzares’s solo LP handy cap circus an Proofs searching for Jerry Garcia Album, and Trice’s second Rounds On Me.

Dogmatic has proven what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger. Which was tested after the death of his best friend Proof. So if you enjoy his sound and you’re not afraid to hear the truth please join this musical journey with Dogmatic.