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Boss Lady

Being a female in this business I have to maintain a steady grind. I first started out as MC and will always be an MC BELIEVE THAT! But unfortunately I got caught up in the game and was misguided in which I found myself signed to a bad situation so very long ago. I did what I had to do and rode out a contract that took five years out of my life! In which I obtained my degree in Marketing!

Although bitter at the time, I’ve come to realize that everything in life truly happens for a reason. With faith, passion and the love for this industry things began to worked itself out in the end for the BEST.

I’ve been truly blessed to have consulted and worked with several mainstream artist and major record labels. Thanks for allowing me to what I do so very well!



Co- Founder

WHO IS THAT BROTHER CALLED MOSHE? Well I‘m a gifted and talented Producer, Programmer, Mixer, Radio personality and business man. I’ve worked under or sat in with some of the most talented producers in our industry such as Jermaine Dupri, Jazzy Jeff, Missy Elliot and Bunnfest just to name a few.

As well as my influences like Joe from Ruff house, Larry from Larry gold studio and even earlier then that a home grown studio Butch Hall (Hall sound labs studio). I’m very proud to say that I was referenced in James G. Spady book entitled “STREET CONSCIOUS RAP” as a producer that can mix and record with some of the best. I‘ve taken the respect, business relationships and lessons that I’ve learned from the Pros and have applied those very same principles to our company Philabrook.

  • Brian White, Stylzs, Carl Payne


  • Moshe & Rubben Studdard

    Private Album Release Party DC

  • Rico Luv & J Love

    Milwaukee WKKV

  • Quincy, Stylzs, Keke Palmer

    On Set

  • Lyfe Jennings & J Love

    Promotional Run

  • Moshe & Mona Scott Executive Love & Hip Hop

    Private Screening VH1

  • J Love, Tam & Big Fub

    Chicago Finest!

  • Stylzs

    On Set

  • Stylzs

    On Set!

  • Set Brotherly Luv

    Back on Set

  • J Love & DJ Stretch

  • Arab, J Love, TraiD & Crew

    Promotional Run

  • Stylzs & Keke Palmer

    After Red Carpet Run

  • The Fabulous Betty Wright , Moshe, Serena Sol Brown

    @Universal Records

  • Drew Sidora & Moshe

  • Serena Sol Brown, Anthony Hamilton, Moshe

    Promotional Run

  • Core DJ CEO Tony Neal & J Love

  • Clifton Powell & Moshe

    HBO Event

  • Keke Palmer & Moshe

    Green Room 106 & Park

  • Quincy & Moshe

    On Set

  • J Love & Frat Brothers

    Greek Life

  • Moshe & Serena Sol Brown



Promotions & Marketing Director

The World Famous J Love got his start Back in 98 when he meet his mentor Reginald “Big Fub” McKinley, who was marketing director for “Legit Ballin Records”. The Legit Ballers were an arsenal of rappers, producers, and singers led by Twista. Big Fub gave him the marketing strategies which to create the southern market for them. The plan worked and Legit Ballers sold over 900,000 units. J Love used his close net relations to introduce them to the southern college markets and the mom and pop stores throughout the south.

Not long after J Love was hired by Do or Die and helped them move over 100,000 units in the south independently from 2001 to 2003. The ball was rolling and soon J Love had the world do “The Stanky Leg”, pushing that record as well as a few other notable names.




Kiara is a very talent young lady who specializes in Wardrobe Styling, Image Consulting, and Personal Shopping services.

She has a broad clientele base ranging from music industry, to actors and regular everyday people. She’s totally committed to working with your budget.

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