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We put our clients needs first!

Here is a list of our services.

Artist Development
Promotions & Marketing

Our Team Strives to develop and guide the careers of established and up & coming artist.Our main goal is to see your vision through and make sure you have what you need to navigate a successful career in this very challenging music marketplace.

Our team offers artist development packages which is needed to sustain an artist career. These packages are in place to help the artist define sound and style. We help artists build a solid foundation to work from and give the tools to continue to develop as an artist in the industry.

*Image creation and maintenance
*Plan of action, goal setting
*Exceptional promotion materials, including photographs, press releases and artwork
*Business management skills
*Marketing/publicity/promotion knowledge, online and offline
*Professional management
*Basic knowledge of recording/producing/engineering/mastering
*Basic knowledge of manufacturing/distribution/sales online, brick and mortar and air-play
*Good choices in members, staff and advisers
*Physical and mental preparedness
*Basic knowledge of finances, accounting
*Law and legal issues: publishing, copyrighting, trademarks, and an attorney
*Alternative career options!

Our team is capable of dealing with an artist on all levels, from their first steps into the industry to dealing with more complex aspects – be it the media, merchandising, touring or film and video projects. We bring added attention to detail and a huge amount of personal experience to all projects. Philabrook Promotions offer the perfect solution to your music industry needs.

Marketing your music and yourself as an artist doesn’t have to be complicated or even expensive to make an lasting impression. We can help you set your goals; lay out a music marketing plan to reach them

Radio Promotions

Radio promotions is like your air strike as well as DJs and Street teams are ground troops you need it all.  The DJ’s, MD’s and PD’s can make or break an artist’s or group’s career. That’s why our radio consultants is your key focal point they have built up long term working relationships with over 500 college, public, satellite, online and commercial radio stations.Your project definitely needs the voice of someone who has already built a relationship to whom the DJ,MD and PD can speak openly and honestly with .

Our goal is to get maximum airplay for each record and chart positions which reflect on that airplay.  It’s a constant hustle to get you radio airplay.  The process begins by listening to the music and determining which format the song will be appropriate for.  Especially since the face of radio is constantly changing day by day.  The time line for a song that is growing is about 3-4 months depending on how well it develops.

Mixing & Mastering

Pbrooks Production Services is the perfect fit for any project , think about how much work you put into your project and you’re; so close to the finish line. Why cheat yourself and not complete your project with a professional mix and master. Our creative mix engineer can give your track or entire project life.

Philabrooks professional affordable mixing and mastering service will have your records sounding radio-ready in no time. With over two decades of mixing and mastering experience, you can trust your project in our hands. Our superb mastering service brings more depth, maximizes loudness, widens the stereo image, and brings your song together!

Each song is carefully tweaked and crafted to perfection, not just run through a couple of presets. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do 1 song or a full album make your songs stand out. Send us your vocals and instrumental and hear the difference for yourself

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